France, b. 1995, based in Eindhoven

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Visual research based on the work of Karl Blossfeldt and a personal collection of herbariums. 

CHANDELIER // Visual research

Ceramic, translucent porcelain
100 x 50 x 50 (Height x Width x Depth)

Salvia argentea, Sauge d’argent

SIDE TABLE  // Visual research

Ceramic, Steel
50 x 70 x 70 cm (Height x Width x Depth)

Details and thickness must be redesigned due to the constraints of the ceramic.

Flower: Saxifraga willkommiana
Willkomm’s saxifrage, rosette of leaves

VASE COLLECTION // Visual research, illustration for an upcoming series.

Various Dimensions 


This research focuses both on the work of Karl Blossfeldt and on a personal inventory of natural floral forms, referring to the idealization of nature as a source of inspiration and knowledge, questioning the notion of beauty and its close link with the Nature-Culture interlinkage.

Adam, H., 2001. Karl Blossfeldt. 1st ed. Köln: Taschen.

1) Bulb
2) Bulb/Vase ?

 1) Detail for bulb
2) Lamp // Chandelier or standing lamp

1) Leaf -> Chair
2) Table top // low sized // ceramic top 4 or 3 parts

1) Detail for feet or juxton
2) Detail for Bulb // Vase

1) Handle Vase
2) Vase // Bulb

1) Chandelier
2) Vase ?

Personnal Collection // Selection